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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Wife Biting Husband's Ear

It's okay if your wife biting your ear for intimacy. In this case, ChinWeng Seng's wife biting his ear for warning not to touch her. For your information, his wife is Le Thi Quang a Vietnamese.

Chin Weng Seng's left ear injured.
How did this happen?

Chin Weng Seng, 61 found and married Le Thi Quang, 29 through matchmaking agency. He paid RM5,000 as down payment on July 5 before he was able to bring her home but she didn't let him touch her. Even after he paid the remaining RM11,800 at the end of the month but she still refuse to let him go near her.

The matchmaking agency also charged RM2,116 and other miscellaneous fees

Chin Weng Seng suffered more than 10 holes in his left ear after Le Thi Quang, 29, allegedly bit him at their Ampang home on Oct 2. Le Thi Quang also threatened to cut off Chin Weng Seng's penis if he dare to touch her.

Kesian sama itu Chin Weng Seng...

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