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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Self Motivation Easy Step

Self Motivation is really really really important. Do not fear failure! If you are afraid of failure you already failed 50%. Always think positive and never give up.

Dare to Fail = Success!
Many successful people always failed so why don't you? Don't ask why but ask yourself why not? If you think you want to do something good for yourself just go and do it!

I know many of us were taught to motivate ourself by looking at the successful entrepreneur who got big house, big car, big pool, big wife..big wife? LOL.

First tips of motivation, appreciate and always be thankful as what you are made of.

Let's alter a bit our way of thinking. If you only have a small car, think about who only got a motorcycle. It's hard to ride a motorcycle while raining. If you only have a motorcycle, think about who don't have car, motorcycle or any vehicle. They always have to wait for taxi, public bus or any transport services..If you do not have any vehicles, well at least you got a pair of legs. Think about who don't have legs. They can't walk and need the help of wheelchair.

If you always look at someone who is super lollapalooza would be greedy to get all kinds of luxury in the world.

Second tips of motivation, dare to fail.

If you are trying to be the best at what you are doing, you must not fear to fail. Let say you want to be a successful entrepreneur, dare to fail. If you want to be a successful adventurer, dare to fail. If you want to be a successful journalist, dare to fail. No matter what kind of field you are in, you must dare to fail.
If you think you''ll fail even before you start doing it, you are already failed...Remember dare to fail is dare to success!

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