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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Vehicle Plates in Malaysia

The vehicle's registration plate of Malaysia history began after the arrival of the British since World War 1. The registration plate number "A", "B", "C" or "D" is determined based on the people from any state who are able to own a vehicle at that time.

Vehicle plate number for Perak

Vehicle Plate number starting from "A" is for people in Perak because the first owner of the vehicle in Malaysia were peoples from Perak. Not only that, the highest ownership of vehicle was in Perak at that time so "A" is absolutely suitable.

Guess "B" is for which state? If you answer Selangor you are correct!
What about "C"? Plate number "C" is for Pahang.
"D" ? If you are Malaysian you will know plate number "D" is for Kelantan.

I think better you check the list of Vehicle Registration Plates of Malaysia :

Letter         State/Territory
A               Perak
B               Selangor
C               Pahang
D               Kelantan
J                Johor
K               Kedah
KV            Langkawi, Kedah
L                Labuan
M               Melaka
N               Negeri Sembilan
P                Pulau Pinang (Penang)
Putrajaya    Putrajaya federal administration area
Q               Sarawak
R                Perlis
S                Sabah
T                Terengganu
W              Kuala Lumpur

I hope that list would help you to recognize the vehicle registration from which state based on the first letter of the plate number except Putrajaya.

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